Student Work Samples - Time Based 



COURSE: Intro to Video 

Assignment: 1-Minute Self Portrait - Students were asked to create a non-standard self portrait video in 1 minute or less. All edits had to be made in the camera, without the use of post editing software. This student shot is video through a wet piece of plexiglass, and played audio directly into his camera. 

COURSE: Time Studio 

Assignment: media reMIX. Students were asked to create a short video piece using only appropriated footage in the style of Dara Birnbuam's Technology/Transformation piece. This student decided to tackle how media markets towards men and toxic notions of masculinity. Editing done with Adobe Premiere. 

COURSE: Media Theory

Assignment: Text + Art - Students were asked to choose one of the readings from the course to use as a springboard for their final assignment. This student decided to make a short video work inspired by Laura Mulvey's Visual Pleasure in Narrative Cinema. 

COURSE: Intermediate Video

Assignment: Experimental Narratives - Students were asked to use editing techniques like match edits and rhythm edits to create an experimental narrative. For this assignment, the student used music and appropriated footage coupled with self-shot video to create this piece. 

COURSE: Micro Filmmaking Workshop - Beijing, China

Assignment: I taught a 2 week filmmaking workshop in Beijing China. Students were asked to choose a genre to create a short narrative. Working in small groups, students had a week to learn about using the cameras and genre tropes, then they had 2 days to film and 3 to edit using Final Cut Pro. 


COURSE: Intro to Animation

Assignment: Making Headlines - For this assignment students had to choose a news headline from the year of their birth as the springboard for a cut paper stop motion animation. This student was born the year of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Using watercolor illustrations, hinged paper characters, clay, and multi-plane animation layers, this student was able to capture the narrative of the event. 

COURSE: Intro to Animation

Assignment: Under the Camera - This animation technique is destructive. Each new frame requires that you destroy the frame before it. After screening charcoal animations by William Kentridge, students are asked to create their own "under the camera" animation using charcoal, sand on glass, or paint on glass. For this piece, the student chose paint on glass. 

COURSE: Animation 2 - Experimental Animation

Assignment: Strata-stencil - For the final projects, students had to create a piece using an experimental technique of their choosing. This student used the strata-stencil technique, which involves cut paper, telescoped frames similar to a shadowbox. As each new frame is shot, the previous has to be moved backwards or forwards in space, adding a sense of depth to the work. 

COURSE: Animation 2 

Assignment - Digital Animation - Using flash or After Effects, students are asked to create a short narrative animation. 

COURSE: Experimental Animation

Assignment: Stop Motion Puppet Animation - Students are asked to build their own wire armature stop motion puppets and sets, then shoot their short animated pieces using studio lighting. 




COURSE: Time Studio

Assignment: Performance + Documentation - Students had to create a performance piece that was either live, or recorded and shown along with documentation. This student created a piece called "Emotional Labor" where he stacked blocks while reciting statements about the gender roles often ascribed to young men. 

COURSE: Time Studio 

Assignment: Performance + Documentation - Students are asked to create a performance work. This student decided to do an endurance work where she plucked the hairs from her legs one at a time until all were removed. She wanted to make a comment about the painful lengths many women go to in order to conform to gender norms. 

COURSE: Media Integration

Assignment: For this course, students submit proposals for a body of work that center around a theme, subject, or idea that relates to their senior exhibition. This student’s work was inspired by the early performance pieces of Matthew Barney, including his “drawing restraint” series. In an effort to illustrate the dedication, repetition, and effort required to be a successful student athlete.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.23.11 PM.png

COURSE: Foundations IV - Digital Concepts 

Assignment: Performance/Installation - For this work, the student decided to create an installation and performance piece. As a former army service member, the student decided to project the faces of fallen soldiers onto the face of a skeleton. He recited the names of the fellow soldiers that died while he was in the service. 


COURSE: Foundations IV - Digital Concepts

Assignment: Performance/Installation - For this project students built a cardboard playhouse in the studio, and created a 2-channel video installation. One side showed toys that involved violence or war, and the other showed a slow motion explosion of the atomic bomb. Green army men were inside the space, and viewers had to crawl into the space to see the videos. 





Student Work Samples - Digital Photography

dominican hall hdr.jpg

COURSE: Intro to Digital Photography

Assignment: Architecture - High Dynamic Range style. Students learn to shoot bracketed images using exposure bracketing. Then, they merge those images together to create the popular HDR effect. 


COURSE: Intermediate Photography

Assignment: Studio Portraiture - For the studio portrait assignment students must work with a model, and with gel color lights in order to create an image that evokes a mood or tone with color and contrast. 


COURSE: Intermediate Photography 

Assignment: Motion Diptychs - Students are asked to learn to use the Tv (time variable) mode on their cameras to freeze a fast action, and shoot an action over a long exposure, creating a motion blur. The two images have to be related in some way. For this assignment, the student used color as a way to connect her images. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.22.29 PM.png

COURSE: Advanced Photography

Assignment: Senior Portfolio - This student created a double exposure style self-portrait by digitally combing painted developer and a digital portrait. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 7.31.10 PM.png

COURSE: Intro to Digital Photo

Assignment: Staged Composites - For this projects students must shoot a series of photographs from a tripod, and use Photoshop to stitch the images together. This student photographed himself running track in all the various uniforms he has worn over his career running. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 10.06.01 PM.png

COURSE: Intro to Digital Photo 

Assignment: Hockney Style Joiners - Based on the work of David Hockney, students must shoot a series of images of the same object and create a "joiner". 


COURSE: Advanced Photography

Assignment: Senior Portfolio - This student worked with macro style photography from unexpected angles to show the time, energy, and focus it takes to be a student athlete. 

Student Work Samples - Digital Design & Illustration 


COURSE: Foundations IV - Digital Concepts

Assignment: Surreal Landscapes 


COURSE: Intro to Illustration

Assignment: Non-Local Color Self-Portrait


COURSE: Foundations IV - Digital Concepts

Assignment: Avatar Assemblage 

COURSE: Foundations IV - Digital Concepts

Assignment: Abstract Letter Forms

COURSE: Foundations IV - Digital Concepts

Assignment: Surreal Landscapes