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Curriculum | ACTIVITY Development


Lectures | Demos | Presentations

  • What the F&*% is the Internet? - Powerpoint lecture/presentation on the history of the internet and web culture. Introduction to important web design terms and techniques. 
  • 12 Principles of Animation - Powerpoint lecture covering the 12 principles of animation, basic fundamentals, and introductory animation strategies. 
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Amateur Video - Lecture addressing the most common mistakes of beginning filmmakers and how to avoid them. Also a brief intro to shot types and film techniques 
  • DSLR Shooting Modes - Short presentation introducing the basic shooting modes of a DSLR camera, and some introductory things to consider when beginning working with DSLRs

Assignment Sheets

  • Sweded Films - This assignment developed for the FYE seminar is designed to help students explore the "creativity" learning outcome. 
  • Art Journal #3 - Blind Contours - This assignment for Introduction to Illustration asks students practice the drawing technique of "blind contours" to help develop better hand-eye coordination. 
  • Art Journal #6 - Watercolor Blobs - This assignment is a continuation of an in class exercise during the Introduction to Illustration course. Students are guided through experimental exercises using watercolor in non-objective and abstract ways. After creating watercolor "blobs" then students are asked to trade work with one another, and transform the "blob" into a finished drawing. 
  • 50 Items Illustration - Assignment from Intro to Illustration. Students are asked to create a finished illustration that incorporates at least 50 items. This tests their ability to handle creative composition, planning, and design before embarking on a finished piece. Students work to avoid tangents and other common illustration design issues. 
  • Bill of Right-Ons! - Assignment for FYE. On the first day of class, students are broken up into small groups and asked to explore the rules they had in high school. Then working in teams they develop a set of rules and policies they think will be important in a college classroom. 
  • Class Constitution - Assignment for FYE. After the students work on the Bill of Rights, they come together as a class and discuss which policies they want to have and why. I type them up and we all sign the rules as a symbol of our commitment to follow policies we believe to be fair in the classroom. This helps students invest in their classroom experience. 
  • Scene Analysis - Assignment used in Video & Animation courses. Students are asked to choose a scene from a feature film and follow the worksheet to breakdown and analyze it. 
  • Avatar Assemblage - Assignment for Foundations IV: Digital Concepts. Students must create an alternate version of themselves, also called an "avatar" using newly developed skills in photography and photoshop. 

Student Work Examples

  • - Assignment from Introduction to Video. Students are asked to re-create a scene from a feature film mirroring every shot as close to identical as possible. This is a great teaching tool, as students see first hand how many cuts are in modern film while learning things like shot types, camera operation, basic editing, and filmic pacing. 
  • - Assignment from Introduction to Animation. Working in groups, students are asked to create short narrative “pixilation” animations. This style of animation involves using a camera to capture frame-by-frame stop motion of live actors in a set. Often it involves the use of props and objects.
  • - Short video created by students during the CYU micro-filmmaking workshop
  • Short video created by students during the CYU micro-filmmaking workshop  
  • Watercolor Blobs - Pictures and examples of the watercolor blobs exercise fro Intro to Illustration
  • Blind Contours - Examples of the blind contours exercise for Intro to Illustration
  • Pitch Bible - Visual development, character design, and story synopsis for an original narrative. Assignment from Intermediate Animation. 
  • - Experimental animation using long exposure photography and light painting
  • Shutter Speed Assignment - Students in Intermediate Photography are asked to use the shutter priority mode of the DSLR cameras to control the duration of their exposure, either freezing an action, or holding a longer exposure to show a passage of time. 



  • Torchbearer Heritage Project Logo - Logo I designed for the SHU Torchbearers 
  • Sister Stories Video - Holy Rosary Chapel video created in partnership with the Heritage Project. 
  • Feral Cat Rescue Efforts - Feral Cat Rescue - Photos of the community feral cats that I have spayed, neutered, and/or adopted out over the last 2 years. All the proceeds earned from my sales at conventions directly fund these efforts. Working in conjunction with the TNR program at the Hope Clinic at the Lenawee County Humane Society. 
  • Halloween Party - Pictures from First Annual Studio Angelico Halloween Party