Video/Performance Works 

This video was created using a glitch technique called "datamoshing" or "pixel-bending". This process allows the artist to intentionally break the video codec, revealing the underlying structure of the programing language associated with digital files.

In this piece, I'm using 2 source videos found on youtube: one of a 10 year old girl at a dance competition, the other of an adult female dancing erotically as a promotional video for a strip club. In "moshing" these two videos together, I'm forcing the comparison of the over-sexualization of women's bodies. I'm also calling attention to the implication of sexualizing young girls too soon. The native audio tracks where left in the finished piece. I feel the songs with lyrics reinforce some of the topics I'm hoping to address with the piece. "Work. I'm here to Work. I am a professional" blares on in the background as the image of a little girl twerking is dissolved into the truncated and fetishized rear-end of an exotic dancer.

In using datamoshing, I'm revealing the "structure" of the videos. When watching, we are seldom aware of the underlying rigidity of the coding and programing which allows us to see movement and videos digitally. I wanted to call attention to this digital structure, as a way of drawing comparison to our cultural structures. These cultural structures reinforce gender binaries, propagate unfair pressures on young girls to be beautiful, and continue to perpetuate the notion that sexual desirability, above all, is what women should strive to achieve.

By using this technique to combine these videos, I'm ultimately breaking the structure as a way to reveal it is there. In breaking the video's codecs and structure, I'm making a connection to the structures society culture forces upon women, and hoping by revealing it's existence, we can one day break through it as well.

Video Documentation: Performance 3 hours 47 mins

I purchased high heel shoes in various underground subway stops in Seoul, South Korea, often called the high heel capital of the world. I stood motionless during rush hour in the shoes I purchased, at the stop where they were purchased. Duration was determined by shoe price. (1,000 won = 1 minute)

Video and shoes were shown as part of "Kasamnida" a group show at Gallery 175 in Seoul, South Korea.

A short video performance connected with my body of work called CONTROL. This is a time lapse video of 2 hours and 22 minutes that it took for the marks to fade off my body after wearing the Ardyss Body Magic Griddle. I wore the garment for the recommended time of 6 hours, then removed it, and filmed how long it took the impressions to fade from my skin.

Fat bodies are considered abject and grotesque by much of society. Often times fat people are dehumanized, marginalized and demoralized in public by fetishizing their fat body parts on television, news stations, and in popular media. This short video piece deals with the hurtful things said to fat women about their bodies.

The hands, shadows, and light move across and sculpt the rolls of flesh in response to negative comments and attacks hurled at fat women regarding their physical appearance. Being fat in a society obsessed with body image is not only frowned upon, it's grounds for abusive treatment.

All the words spoken in this piece were insults said to me about my body, or said to a woman close to me about her body.

This is a short documentation of a much longer video installation currently showing in the Fox 3 Gallery at The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. As part of the MFA show for Photographic and Electronic Media, this piece deals with a few layers of beauty, self image, and narcissistic rituals as they relate to social media and social networking sites. Original run time of 36:07minutes, the piece shows one long take of the process of applying the "face".

Originally displayed as a 3 channel video piece, American Algolagnia explores the taboos of sex, violence, and desire in popular cinema. Scenes of intense gore and violence are displayed silently. Flanking the violent video, are two videos of a man and woman, masturbating. They are shot from the neck up. Neither engage the camera, or appear to look on at the violence, they simply enjoy a private moment of gratification. The viewer is left with the sounds of sex, but most are so uncomfortable, they look on at the violence rather than watch the faces of ecstasy and arousal. In juxtaposing these videos together, I'm questioning the balance of violence and desire, and asking which makes you more uncomfortable and why?