The Trouble With Women - More 3D Projection Mapping

We got back in the studio this weekend and continued our exploration of 3D Projection mapping. Once again, we are doing this with basic Adobe software: Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. Tim and I decided to set up some pedestals in Gallery 10 and play around with more complicated shapes and layers of videos then our first attempts with projection mapping

After playing around with a few silly videos we found on, we decided to hunker down and making something that dealt with a little more content and concept for our piece. Both Tim and I work with the body, sexuality, and representation in our separate bodies of work, so it seemed like it made sense to approach the topic of women and bodies in this work.

"The Trouble With Women" came from the text of one of the videos we appropriated from Using this as a springboard, Tim and I went through our own separate sources of video works and appropriated videos, to combine our efforts into this 3D projection mapped piece. The work, titled "The Trouble With Women" shows the impossibly narrow and constraining boxes that women are expected to simultaneously occupy. Mother, virgin, whore, bitch...etc. These archetypal representations of women confine and contradict the often myriad and complex ways that women experience their gender throughout their lifetime. Using appropriated videos from, youtube, and personal videos dealing with body image, we created a piece that talks about the impossible standards set by patriarchal society. "The Trouble With Women" serves as a double entendre, speaking to the troubling nature of contradictory existence while also referencing the oppressive and misogynistic way culture teaches us to see women as less than whole people.

We are working on a work statement about this piece, and hope to develop this idea further to create a body of work using 3D projection mapping, sculpture, and installation that revolves around this idea of bodies and dimensionality.